War Drum (This Ain’t America) – Magellan’s Plea for Reason

Magellan War DrumWe’re too familiar with the pattern. The 2016 presidential election approaches and a sickeningly familiar rhetoric pulses below every interview. Sound bites of disinformation bombard us like the pounding of Zhangu war drums, then are overshadowed swiftly by military-like snares of accusations rising to a frenzy. Soon the ancient music of communication is beaten down into a primal marching cadence once more.

These building rhythms launch us into Magellan’s hard-rocking single “War Drum (This Ain’t America).” This is a fill-the-streets rock anthem for those weary of being fed the “daily spin of the constitution” served up via 24/7 media. From the opening lyrics (“Camouflaged in the red, white & blue”) you know this song carries a warning… and a responsibility.

It’s hard not to experience a visceral reaction.The keyboard attacks fire like automatic weapons as guitar riffs mimic wag-the-dog “dialogue.” That terse voice repeating “War drum” near the song’s climax chills you with another White House wanna-be in soulless cadence.

As “War Drum” ends, the mind conjures visuals matching the cover art — Lady Liberty lists on a blasted landscape as a lone drummer, a remnant of our revolutionary concept of freedom, rattles our consciousness before the nuclear glow.

Will we follow this war dance sheepishly down the gangway? Or will we find a way to loosen the skins and mute these drums? Remember this music as you step into the voting booth feeling disheartened, disengaged, and disenfranchised.

Slip on some headphones to feel surrounded by Trent Gardner’s call to arms which hooks your psyche with a powerful plea for common sense.

Song Credits:

Lyrics & Music Written & Produced by Trent Gardner / Magellan

Recorded at Studio Sasquatch September 1-3, 2015

Mastered at Capricorn Mastering

Liner Notes: Mary Pat Hyland


Trent Gardner: Vocals, keyboards, bass & drum programming. Guitar at verses & outro

Magellan is grateful to very special guest performers:

Keith Howland (Chicago) Guitar solo

Robert McClung (Telergy) guitar at choruses

WAR DRUM (This Ain’t America)

Camouflaged in the red, white & blue
an American son
hear the steady rhythms of the ancients
like a primal rerun

“he was a good boy”
he turned out right
but he’s digging us deep in a bottomless pit.

He’s got big demographics -exit polls
competition zero
dropped out of high school -went to ‘Nam
he’s a superhero

media puppet institutions
daily spin of the constitution
I’m sick of it all -it ain’t goin’ away
it’s the same old song – “liberty”

All I can hear is the beating of the war drum
and it’s all drawn out
nothin’ but misery (now come on)
painting the centuries (this ain’t America)

from the pharaoh to the marrow
give me straight and narrow
this ain’t America

Politics and a run to the center
but we keep buying more

“Cry Havoc!” (for the casualties)
“and let slip the dogs of war” (that’s Shakespeare)

Eye on the past but we’re blind today
as nuclear bombs blow us all away
if we don’t wake up soon and realize
tomorrow is gone and it’s kingdom come on a gangway…

beating of the war drum
feed a hunger’s madness
breeding the battleground (from the low road)
a holy war hell bound (here comes another one)

from the crusades to our masquerades
I’m a freelance renegade
unbreakable faith now
look for the high road
this ain’t America…

All I can hear is the beating of the war drum
and it’s all drawn out
nothin’ but misery (now come on)
painting the centuries (this ain’t America)

from the pharaoh to the marrow
give me straight and narrow
hey – hear the beating of the war drum
hear it beating now?

We’re taking a beating from the war drum
humanity singing “we will overcome”

We’re taking a beating…
feed a hunger’s madness
breeding the battleground
a holy war hell bound

Ghost dance for a romance
it’s a game of chance
for the piss-ants
take a solemn stance
in your circumstance
and start a war dance…

beating of the war drum
and it’s all drawn out
breeding the battleground (now come on)
a holy war hell bound (this ain’t America)
from the pharaoh to the marrow
give me straight and narrow
come on -this ain’t America…no, no. no…

Written by Trent Gardner
All rights reserved 2015
Soul Of The Sasquatch Music, BMI

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  • CaptainDonovin

    Great song, important topic.

    • http://magellansongs.com Magellan Songs

      Thanks for the post Captain!

  • Christ Archer

    I like it!!

  • Giacomo Maida

    Ok Trent, you nailed it again, but PLEASE put out a NEW ALBUM.
    Something with a pattern, a theme or a simple collection of songs, with an artwork, a booklet.
    Something PHYSICAL.
    We all know it will be great.
    We are waiting sinc Inert Momentum (lost forever…?)

    • http://magellansongs.com Magellan Songs

      I like your thinking and appreciate the thought! Other than drink coasters, very hard to imagine the point, but I will certainly keep producing! 🙂

    • http://magellansongs.com Magellan Songs

      perhaps I’ll record one more piece then go to CD…will think about it! 🙂 thank you

      • M P

        Oh, please! I would love that. I have all your CDs (side projects included). I love them all! All the best Trent!

        p.s. Love this song as well.

  • Alsetalokin

    The vocal style is a bit too much like that of Kerry Minnear [“Gentle Giant”], although instrumentally and compositionally, the work is quite excellent. Not quite as good as the “Cranium Reef Suite”, but respectable nevertheless.