War Drum (This Ain't America)

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The Backslide

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Confessor's Overture II -Hymn for a Heathen Finale

Music review by Robert Lamm.

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Music Video
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25 Or 6 To 4

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"NOW" Chicago XXXVI

Horn Arrangement for: Naked in the Garden of Allah, Free at Last, Crazy Happy, America. Trombone/Synth: Free at Last, Naked in the Garden of Allah.

Available on the Chicago Official Site.

Keep It

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Cynic's Anthem

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The Better Suite

Feat. Keith Howland and Lee Loughnane of Chicago and Robert Berry.
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Living Proof

Trent Gardner collaboration on title track “Living Proof” and album opener “Out Of The Blue” with Robert Lamm of legendary band, Chicago!

Dust in the Wind

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Innocent God

Digital Booklet
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Hello, Goodbye

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Impossible Figures

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Symphony for a Misanthrope

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Test of Wills

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Hundred Year Flood

Feat. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and Tony Levin
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Explorers Club - Age of Impact

Feat. John Petrucci from Dream Theater, Steve Howe from Yes, Terry Bozzio & many others.

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Explorer's Club - Raising The Mammoth

Trent Gardner (writer & producer) feat. Kerry Livgren (guitarist for Kansas), Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) & Marty Friedman (guitarist in Megadeth)

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Leonardo - The Absolute Man

Trent Gardner (writer & producer) includes James Labrie (Dream Theater), Steve Walsh (Kansas) + large cast

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Steve Walsh - Glossolalia

Co-written & produced with Steve Walsh of Kansas

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Hour of Restoration

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Impending Ascension

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James LaBrie's MullMuzzler

Contributing songwriter with James Labrie of Dream Theater
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James LaBrie - MullMuzzler 2

Contributing songwriter with James Labrie of Dream Theater. My track is “Afterlife”

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To Cry You a Song: A Collection of Tull Tales

Jethro Tull Tribute. Trent Gardner arrangement of “Aqualung” & “A Tull Tale” (Magellan)

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Encores, Legends & Paradox: A Tribute to ELP

Shoot out with producer Robert Berry, each of us arranging & producing 5 classic ELP tracks.

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Tales from Yesterday: A View from the South Side of the Sky

Yes tribute. Magellan performed “Don’t Kill The Whale”
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Supper's Ready

Magellan performs “Mama”.

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The Moon Revisited

Magellan performs “Money”.

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James Murphy - Feeding the Machine

Trent Gardner sings on mellow section of “Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors)”

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Evolution Of Jazzraptor

1 of 4. I call this, “See what happens when you work every Wed. in the studio?”
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2 of 4. I call this, “See what happens when you work every wed in the studio for 2 years?”

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Tame Until Hungry

3 of 4. I call this, “See what happens when you work every wed in the studio for 3 years?”

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Jazzraptor's Secret

4 of 4. I would love to love Wednesdays again!

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December People - Sounds Like Christmas

Robert Berry Masterpiece. I made a vocal contribution.

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