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Hour Of Restoration and Impending Ascension Put Together for Double Feature Launch

Original Article Here. Magellan’s first two albums have been re-released in a single volume. Debut title Hour Of Restoration from 1991 has been set beside 1993 follow-upImpending Ascension under the title Double Feature. American brothers Trent and Wayne Gardner were joined by bassist Hal Stringfellow Imbrie. Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry made a guest appearances [...]

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Confessor’s Overture II -Hymn for a Heathen Finale 2015

“Confessor’s Overture II – Hymn for a Heathen Finale 2015” Available at ubiquitous digital retailers. Production notes: 1. 8 minutes of piano/vocal sacrilege. Carnage somewhat forgivable by 6th playback, but only w/read-a-long lyrics and rosary. 2. Stare into Leopard’s eyes for a bit to understand why I recommend avoiding members of the [...]

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